Yahoo create an account

Yahoo is one of the most used email account providers on the Internet. However, there are still some people who have some difficulty in mastering the entire process of creating a Yahoo Mail account. If you are in this situation, we will present in the following guide the various steps necessary to complete this process with complete peace of mind.

The basis for creating the Yahoo Mail account

The simplest way to create your email account on Yahoo is to use a traditional search engine to find the exact address of the provider. This address varies depending on the country and the languages that we choose, hence the interest of leaving, for example, the search bar of Yahoo. Once you access the Yahoo Mail start page, you'll discover a variety of links to access different services.

Yahoo Mail create an account

The one for creating a Yahoo Mail account is available by clicking directly on "Registration". Access to the next page allows you to enter different fields useful for linking the account to a person.

This is the name and surname, date of birth or sex. Some boxes in this information form are marked with an asterisk which means that they must be completed. Then comes the time to choose the name of your email account. Some people choose to simplify it by simply choosing to combine their first and last names. The site may also offer you account names in case those you propose are already taken by other users.

Yahoo Mail account protection
This is the essential step in ensuring that an account is used by one person. Yahoo offers when creating the account to choose a confidential password to protect his email account.

It should be noted the carelessness of some subscribers to the email account provider who choose obvious passwords for a likely hacker such as his date of birth or that of his children. To prevent your password from being easily discovered, Yahoo recommends that you provide one that has between 8 and 32 characters. This can be a combination of letters and numbers that you will be the only one to know.

After this crucial step of protection and after all the fields have been completed, the creation of your Yahoo Mail account will be completed when you click on "I accept".


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