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Yahoo create an account

Yahoo is one of the most used email account providers on the Internet. However, there are still some people who have some difficulty in mastering the entire process of creating a Yahoo Mail account. If you are in this situation, we will present in the following guide the various steps necessary to complete this process with complete peace of mind.

The basis for creating the Yahoo Mail account
The simplest way to create your email account on Yahoo is to use a traditional search engine to find the exact address of the provider. This address varies depending on the country and the languages that we choose, hence the interest of leaving, for example, the search bar of Yahoo. Once you access the Yahoo Mail start page, you'll discover a variety of links to access different services.

Yahoo Mail create an account
The one for creating a Yahoo Mail account is available by clicking directly on "Registration". Access to the next page allows you to enter different fields useful for lin…

Delete a Yahoo Mail account

Want to delete your Yahoo email account? It's possible. It will be sufficient to follow the steps that will be described below.

How to delete your Yahoo email account?
Here are the steps to follow:

Go to your Yahoo inbox by entering your credentials,
Then click on "Home" at the top left,
Scroll down the homepage and click on "Help" at the bottom right,
At the bottom left of this page, click on "Yahoo Account",
In the middle of this page click on "Create or delete an account" then on "close your Yahoo account" on the left of the screen,

Delete a Yahoo Mail account

Click on "Termination page" and another tab will open,
Go to this new tab, re-enter your password and validate,
Take the time to read the information that appears on the new page,
 Enter your password again to confirm your identity,
 Copy the visual code that appears,
 Click "Yes" to terminate the account.

The consequences of a Yahoo account deletion
By deleting …